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Are you geared up for the new SEN framework?

From September 2014 all schools, academies and educational settings will have to meet the new SEN requirements, which will be integral to the Ofsted inspection process, and each school will be required to publish their plans for achieving this in a Local Offer. OLT provides a solution to the training and other requirements, and has already been recognised in Ofsted reports for individual schools.

Working in partnership with local authorities, specialist support services and individual schools for more than 10 years, we publish a wide range of courses in SEN and disability, incorporating a proven effective model of continuing professional development.

The application of Goal Attainment Scaling ensures a focus on improving pupil outcomes, and the impact on staff knowledge, skills and competence is measured via pre and post course evaluation. A comprehensive management system provides sophisticated learning management information.

The OLT model is highly cost-effective, provides immediate practical strategies, and enables timely and consistent training for large numbers of staff.

Our courses can be delivered through local authority support services, school clusters of all kinds, and individual schools.

  • Multi-sensory impairment

    Multi-sensory impairment

  • Understanding Autistic Spectrum Disorder

    Understanding Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • Understanding and Managing Behaviour

    Understanding and Managing Behaviour

  • Dyslexia


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Over 80,600 course places have been undertaken across the UK, Australia, English speaking schools in the Gulf States, Kenya, Hong Kong and Kathmandu rising by up to 150 a day with over 1000 forum contributions daily.

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